Saturday, November 3, 2012

What is Half Duplex and Full Duplex

Hmmm well let's we learn about Half duplex and full duplex actually we are going to learn the key points also known as useful notes only so this post would be very helpful to you to learn the Duplexes.

Half Duplex

  • Half Duplexes running on 10 Mbps speed probably 10BaseT Type of Ethernet.
  • In here one can send or one can receive (You can't send or receive at the same time in network)
  • Using CSMA/CD (Collision Detection)
  • You'll able to see in Walkie-Talkie - using the half duplex method to conversation with destination. once you talk "hello" it should be send to destination probably destination should not able to send at the same time which send "Hello" by a host. after destination got the message from the host "Hello" destination will answer to it "hello"... Simple na..

Full Duplex

  • Full Duplexes are running at 100 Mbps speed probably 100BaseTX (UTP and STP) Type of ethernet
  • In here you can send and receive at the same time.
  • using Free way because there are no data can be collide unless a error. 
  • You'll able to see this method on mobile or mobile conversation between host and destination. :D

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