Thursday, November 8, 2012

What is Class A, B, C IP Address and Default Subnet Masks

What is an IP mostly known as Internet protocol but you have to know the other word too (Internet Networking Protocol), Some how as we learned There is a two kind of IP specifies IPV4 and IPV6

IPV4 - 32 Bits in Numerical Mode and IPV6 128 Bits Hexadecimal Mode.

IPV4 there is a separate list as "Private IP" and "Public IP",
Private IP Called as we can assign for our private local area network, In other words you can use it for you home, office and cafes but Public IP is except private ip ranges others all are public ip and specially use it for in internet.

Check it out his Ranges here
Private Ranges

Class A - - ---> You can use this IP ranges in to a large area network.
Class B - - ---> You can use this IP ranges in to a medium area network
Class C - - ---> you can use this IP Ranges in to a small area network

Except these above IP ranges other all IP's are considered as Public IP

Class A Default subnet mask -
Class B Default subnet mask -
Class C Default subnet mask -

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