Wednesday, October 31, 2012

[Useful Notes] Broadcast Domain and Collision Domain

1. In switch every port has own a collision domain because switches direct traffic to only correct port.
2. Collision domain broken up by Bridges,Switches and routers
3. Every end device would be plugged to switch port would be 1 collision domain.
4. Broadcast domain depends on how you segmented a network.
5. 1 Hub = 5 Hosts There is only one collision domain. because hub has 1 collision domain and 1 broadcast     domain
6. Collisions are resolved using CSMA/CD (Collision Detection) For retransmit.
7. Mostly collision found on Wifi Network also known as wireless network. (and also in Ethernet Hub environment)
8. Modern wired network uses a network switch to eliminate collisions
9. Separating VLANs divides broadcast domain as well.

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