Thursday, November 8, 2012

What is MAC Address? Part 1

What is MAC Address? MAC address (Media Access Control) is assigned by manufacturer to identify the device and it's not like a IP address but each device has unique MAC ID to identify the device.

MAC Address = 48 Bits Hexadecimal Mode
 Example : oqwo.asdf.ghjk

Ok, Let's take a example with a switch device,

48 Switch Port  = 49 MAC Address

You have to listen to this carefully,  make sure in 48 Switch ports probably 48 Ports as per device, So 48 Ports = in to 48 MAC Address, They produces each port as 1 MAC Address, Now you recognized the way to realize ports MAC Address but how did you get 49 MAC Address, Let's See Below Simple Diagram.

48 Switch Port Device = 48 Ports (48 MAC Address) + Switch Device (1 Mac Address)

48 Ports MAC + 1 Switch Device = All 49 MAC Addresses. 

12 Switch Port Device = 13 MAC Address (12 Port MAC Addresses + Switch Device) 

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